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FarmerUncle is a unique platform that allows "responsible farmers" from across the country to sell their produce directly to the consumers in the city. The platform allows farmers to set the price and keep a lion's share of the price you pay

Why Should You Choose FarmerUncle

At FarmerUncle we have a resource pool of responsible farmers from across the country who are both educated & progressive. These farmers understand how the food chain has been adulterated with excessive use of chemicals & artificial ripening agents. They understand the concerns that the people in the city have about what they are consuming. This knowledge has made them bring a change in their farming methodology and they have moved onto producing with minimal or no use of chemicals and allow the fruit to naturally ripen on the tree itself. This has helped them connect and gather trust of the consumers in the city who are looking for sure produce, in effect creating markets where they are offered a better price for their produce. The consumer can now enjoy the goodness of harvest fresh, naturally ripened produce in the comforts of their homes.

Anushka Singh
I have been a regular customer of FarmerUncle and have never been disappointed in the quality of produce that they have got for us. The fruit is always fresh and my daughter loves them. From a point where she did not eat fruits at all to a point where she

Saazid Singh


When I got back to farming, my family dissuaded me from joining the family farm. The reason was that farming was not seen as a lucrative enterprise. The control of the traders and middlemen on the entire system was baffling to say the least.The farmer who put his entire year’s effort in growing the produce was the one who made the least in the system and was always at the mercy of these middlemen. But I believed otherwise. I was determined to find a way around it. 

And when one of my friends nudged me, asking me, “why don’t you help other farmers to sell their produce as well”, the idea struck the cord and I got down to working out details of how I could make it happen. I wanted to create a system where the farmers could sell directly to the consumer and I could somehow help them, without being a trader. I did not want to buy from them and sell further but wanted to help them sell their produce themselves. A platform where they decide what price they want to sell their produce at and where they command a lion’s share of what the consumer pays.

B 226, Florence Elite, Sushant Lok 3, Sector 57. Gurgaon. Haryana

10:30 am - 7:30 pm

10:30 am - 7:30 pm